A CARE House Hero Mom (A note from her side)

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“We will all, at times in our lives, face trials. These off script storms in our lives, hit us when we weren’t expecting, on July 15, 2016. On that day I walked in on my husband molesting my daughter. At that moment I felt washed over with complete hopelessness, confusion, anger, and sadness; unable to fully grasp all of the emotions and understand what was happening. We were held at gunpoint for about an hour while I begged and pleaded for him to let us go. We went to the hospital and the process was scary as we met our investigator. She was outstanding and helpful – full of reasoning. She told me about CARE House, and briefly explained what we should expect. I have lived in Florence all my life and had never heard of such a place. The CARE House has been a safe haven for my children and me. They have been encouraging when we needed it the most. They provide a safe place that we can go and talk about what happened. It is a place that teaches us coping skills and that it was not our fault. CARE House is a place of comfort and listening. Without CARE House, I honestly don’t know how we would be doing. They are helping us in our journey of healing and they go above and beyond!”


A mom of a CARE House Hero

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