Meet Our Staff

Meg Temple (LPC/LPCS)

Executive Director

"I believe in a world where children have hope for the future no matter what their past experiences have been. Children can’t help what has been done to them, and someone has to step up to help them move forward."

Nicole Morris (BS)

Administrative Supervisor/Child and Family Advocate

"I have a passion for working with families that come to the CARE House. It is rewarding to give these children a voice and make them realize they are survivors, not victims."

Lynne Klaus (LISW)

Clinical Supervisor

"I have a passion for working with people and walking with them through times of crisis and helping them see there is hope on the other side. I am so impressed with the empathy and compassion of everyone who works at the CARE House and their commitment to the organization and to the community we serve."

Amanda Stone

Forensic Interviewer

Melissa Brady(LMSW)

Therapist/Forensic Interviewer

"I am humbled to be a part of such a compassionate and loving organization. It is truly a pleasure to serve our children and families and play a role in their healing process."

Prezillic Daniels (LPC)

Therapist/Forensic Interviewer

"I wanted to join the Care House team in providing beneficial services for children; while inspiring hope, healing and change in the community."

Charis O'Neal (LPCi)



Nysie Muldrow

Case Manager


Faith Akins (BS)

Child and Family Advocate

"My passion has always been to make a difference in what I do. I love working for the CARE House because I am able to play a role in the hope, health, and healing of every family that walks in our doors."

Lawanda Baker

Intake Coordinator

"I love being a part of an organization that help make a difference in children’s lives."

Anna Weiss (BS)

Medical Assistant / Intake Specialist

"Children deserve to live a life where they can truly flourish and grow. I'm so grateful to be part of an organization that will help give them the tools to overcome such difficult obstacles and give them a new beginning."

Allana Hilley (BS)

Volunteer Coordinator

"Helping children and their families during a traumatic time and training volunteers to help give support and become advocates is heartwarming and working at the CARE House, I’m able to fulfill that hope of healing."

Jackee Johnston

Outreach Coordinator


Jasmine McFadden

Lower Region Intake Coordinator