New Year, New Parenting

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              Every year the ball drops, and it officially marks the beginning of a new year. With this new year, like all years, many people will make New Year’s resolutions. The new year marks a chance for change, and progress. Some will resolve to become healthier, have a new experience or make some other form of personal improvement.

               I challenge you, to make a resolution to develop a closer bond with your children. You have already done so much to build your family, why not continue to build on that relationship? For the next twelve months make a commitment to implement one small change that focuses on growing the bond that you already have through the parenting tip of the month. When parenting skills increase and behavioral concerns decrease your bond will naturally improve.

Parenting tip #1: Much of the discourse in families surrounds children not listening. Tell your child EXACTLY what you want them to do. Be clear and precise every time you expect them to do something. Remember to command them versus asking. Then offer a praise when they complete it. (Notice that only one instruction is given at a time)


Parent: It’s almost bed time so it’s time to get ready. Brush your teeth.

Child: (brushes teeth)

Parent: Thank you for listening.


Parent: You should go to bed soon. Would you go brush your teeth?

Child: I want to finish this game.

Parent: But I said brush your teeth…. (you know where it goes from here)




Parent: I know you enjoy your music but it is too loud. Please turn down the volume.


Parent: That music is awfully loud will you turn it down?

Teen: No, it sounds better when I keep it loud.

Parent: ………..and the reign of teendom ensues…..


I challenge you to be open to improvement and suggestion. This is not a reflection on the parenting that you already do but can support the growth of the awesome skills you already have!! Happy parenting!!

 -Megan with all the M’s

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